ALDE’s Tariceanu says ban on St Parascheva pilgrimage serious violation of the religious freedom


2020-10-14 10:35:20

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National chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu says banning to St. Pious Parascheva pilgrimage to Iasi amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious violation of the religious freedom of the Romanians.

„Today should have been the pilgrimage to Iasi on the occasion of Saint Parascheva the Pious Day. The Orban government decided, overnight, that this year the pilgrimage will not be held. In my opinion, it is a serious violation of the religious freedom of Romanians. It has become a habit for [President] Iohannis and [Prime Minister] Orban to step into the lives of believers, especially the Christian Orthodox,” Tariceanu wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

He claims that the decision to stop this pilgrimage should have been announced in advance.

„I can’t help but compare the way the PNL [National Liberal Party] government makes such decisions and the way other governments announce their believers about the cancellation of such major events. Take for example the case of the largest Muslim pilgrimage, the one in Mecca. Millions of Muslims walk thousands of kilometres to get there. Do you think the Saudi government told them on short notice that the pilgrimage is no longer taking place? No! They told them months in advance, precisely so that people know. So is the Hindu pilgrimage on the banks of the Ganges. That means respect for people, for their faith. That means you care more about them than their votes. Remember that at Easter Mr Iohannis told us to stay home or there will be funerals after the Easter holidays! In short, Iohannis and Orban tell us: religious pilgrimages are forbidden, but pilgrimages to the polls are allowed!” added Tariceanu.

The ALDE leader told the celebrants that although he is not with them in Iasi, he is thinking of them. AGERPRES (RO – author: Livia Popescu, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN – author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Maria Cristina Zaharia)

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